8 Common Design Mistakes in the Living Room

8 Common Design Mistakes in the Living Room

The living room is the most common room in any home and its design has aesthetics that have to be taken with a greater level of importance. A well put together living room space makes you feel welcomed, warm and cosy.

In order to achieve this, today we shall share with you some of the most common living room mistakes that you should avoid.

Buying a rug that’s too small

Small rugs bring imbalance to the living room, whilst large ones extend the space and gives your room a more complete look. At the very minimum, a rug should at least be able to sit under the front legs of your furniture pieces.

Unless you have a smaller living room, designers recommend that you stay away from anything under 6-by-9 feet sized carpet.

Poorly positioned wall art

Designers recommend a height of 153 cm from the floor to the centre of your wall image in order to create a balanced look with your wall art.

The best way to ensure that there are no mistakes and nail holes to fill, is to trace and cut out the frames’ outline on paper. Next, tape the paper cuts onto your wall, while playing with numerous placement options until you achieve the desired outcome.

Always remember that playing with different art sizes, colour and texture will add character to your overall home décor and make the difference between a cluttered wall and a perfectly designed wall décor. For more ideas on this please do read 6 Creative Steps To Creating Your Home Gallery Wall

Only one upper lighting

Having only one overhead lighting in a room can make the ambience of a room feel flat. In order to create a cosy feel in your living room, go for overhead lighting that can be dimmed.

In addition to this, add some secondary light such as floor lamps and table lamps which will create a calm and welcoming environment in addition to complementing your overall design style.

Your Television is too high up on the wall

Televisions have been integrated into our homes décor designs as they add dimension to the overall design. That said, it is recommended that you don’t install the TV in front of or close to a window as it’s harmful to your eye sight and prevents you from clearly seeing the images.

Most importantly, your television should be at eye-level from where you are sitting to avoid straining your neck.

Strict functionality over aesthetics

In addition to lighting and wall décor, accessories such as pillows, blankets, and flower pots will give a sense of originality to your style and reflect your personality. It is also a great and easy way add a pop of colour and to liven up your living room. As you add these accessories to your living room, be sure to choose items that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures in order to create some visual interest in the room.

Add Character

Using only a certain style of interior design with no room for deviations, will cost your room its warmth and make it very boring. Mix your favourite style with others: eclectic, retro, loft, grunge, and many other design options which will make your living room original.

However, don’t forget that a touch of harmony is usually all it takes to pull even the most eclectic design together. In this case, colour is your secret weapon. Even if you’re not a fan of matching, adding a few coordinated shades will help pull the room together. In addition to colour, you could also use pattern or texture to create a common thread.

Not having enough surfaces to set your things

Since the living room is a well trafficked and lived in area, a key priority is to have ample places within reach to set down your drinks, books, and other items. This not only adds to the room’s functionality, but also adds to the room’s general design.

Short curtains visually lessen the space

Having curtains that are too short can make your space feel incomplete. Always aim for curtains that hit the floor. Also more colourful and brighter curtains than the rest of the textiles in the room, will definitely add to the warm feeling of the room


Your home should speak to who you are; a personal memoir of your life. Don’t be afraid to bring in the things you love, making your home a unique oasis that welcomes you at the end of the day, and also tells an intriguing story to your visitors.

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