8 Exciting Indoor Activities for Couples

8 Exciting Indoor Activities for Couples

With plenty of time on our hands, how are you spending it with your partner?

It’s very easy to fall into a routine while staying at home and we’re here with a few exciting suggestions that can turn moments spent together into gratifying and lasting memories.

Try a New Recipe Together

When was the last time you prepared something out of your comfort zone? Well, this could be the time you and your partner try out that fancy breakfast/dinner and have fun while at it. Grab a cookery book from The Junction Mall’s Text Book Centre for a variety of recipes and also pop into Vituzote to get all your cooking utensils. Zuchinni, Healthy U and Carrefour has all your grocery needs sorted to help you execute that tasty recipe. What’s more, if it doesn’t turn out as expected, that will just be one more thing to laugh about, before you try out the next recipe!

Redesign your home

There are a thousand and one ideas on house décor that you can find online. With the plenty of time on your hands, you can finally redesign your home and tick it off your bucket list. With a ready partner to help you hammer those nails on the wall or give a second opinion on décor, the results could be more gratifying than you could imagine. Start off by checking out MRP Home, Carrefour, Vituzote, Banana Box, Miniso, Pink Skink, Kitengela Hot Glass at The Junction Mall for all their home décor equipment and accessories. (Don’t forget to check out our blog on “6 creative ideas in Creating Your Home Gallery”).

Indoor/Outdoor Gardening

Whether you are going for the indoor plants or your flower garden outside, plants add a touch of personality to your overall house décor. They breathe life into your living space – literally. For a perfect indoor garden, create some amazing DIY plant stands that also gives the added advantage of saving space in small living areas while adding a statement to your overall house style. Order varying pot sizes from The Junction Mall’s MRP Home and Vituzote and get planting.

Snuggle Up to a Book

Whichever genre of books fits your taste, why not create a ‘two people’ book reading club! Text Book Center will give you a wide variety of books to choose from.

Time To Keep Fit

When you have someone to keep you on your toes, keeping fit at home can be a fun thing to do together. Make sure you check the offers on home work out essentials and work out gear at The Junction Mall’s Sports PlanetStore, Miniso, MRP Apparel or LC Waikiki and come up with a fitness journey that will be enjoyable to both you.

Plan a Fantasy Vacation Together

If you have some cash to spare, why not start saving up for a dream vacation you’ll go to once everything returns to normalcy? Standard Chartered Bank has a savings account that is just dedicated to this – The Safari Savings Account. You can ring up The Junction Mall branch to get more information and set up your account.

Pizza and Wine Night

Order your favourite pizza from any of the eateries at The Junction Mall (Artcaffe, Big Square or Pizza Inn), spread out a blanket on the floor, bring some wine and wind down over some relaxing music or while watching your favourite movie?

Date Night Board/Video Games

Couples Game Night

An alternative for a fun evening would be to have a game night. Get a board or video game where you can team up against each other for an enjoyable competitive night. You can get the games from The Junction Mall’s Text Book Center and Gamechanger respectively.


We hope you make memories with each other during this time. Feel free to comment with more ideas that you think would be fun for couples to do! Remember to follow The Junction Mall on the following platforms and tag us on photos of your fun times:
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