Best Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas

Best Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas

All that I am or ever hope to be I owe it to my mother – Abraham Lincoln”.

The month of May is here and with that we will be celebrating all Moms across the globe. While it may seem a bit mind boggling on what gift to give your mother, at The Junction Mall, we are here to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. We have outlined a range of categories that different mothers would fit in based on their personality and hobbies to help you locate an ideal gift for her.

The Fashionable Mom

Is she into accessories: gold, silver or brass? Does she dress up and dab on a little lipstick before she leaves the house even if it’s just to pick up some groceries? Or does she still wear 6 inch heels at 50 years?

Well, consider looking into these fashion and beauty stores at The Junction Mall to get your fashionable mum something she’ll love:

  • Fashion (Shoes, clothing and accessories): Mocca, Pink Skink, Brands, City Walk, MRP, Levi, Vivo, Wide Shoe, Trevor’s Collections, and Accessorize with Style.
  • Beauty: Yves Roche, Lintons Beauty, MAC, Nywele Nzuri, Carrefour, Goodlife, Fragrance Lounge

The Fit Mom

Keeping fit during this time when most of the gyms are closed requires a lot of discipline. Some homework out essentials, would definitely come in handy including the right workout attire.

For workout clothes and training equipment check out the following stores:

  • Sports Planet for fitness equipment and fitness attires
  • LC Waikiki for work out attires
  • MRP for work out attires
  • Miniso for workout essentials such as dumb-bells and yoga mats.

The Expectant Mom/New Mom

An expecting mother anticipating her new bundle of joy or one whose just had her baby, need all the help they can get.

For the expectant mother, think of getting some baby clothes, baby wraps among other baby essentials. Better yet, get the mother-to-be some fashionable maternity wear that will instantly make her feel good about herself. You could also get her some comfortable lounge wear for her for those easy indoor days.

On the other hand, for the new mum, you could never go wrong with some diapers. Other additions could include baby clothes and essentials such as a crib or a Moses basket.

Here are all the stores at The Junction Mall where you can get these “mother and baby” essentials:

  • LC Waikiki and MRP for maternity wear.
  • Accessorize with Style for lounge wear.
  • Baby essentials and clothes: Taji Store, Smart Baby, Carrefour.

The Best Cook” Mom

Cooking can be so much fun when made easier with the right kitchen appliances: The kitchen scale can encourage her to try out new recipes that do not have cup measurements while the Buffet Server and Food Warming Tray will ensure that everyone serves their food while hot. has a widest range of kitchen and houseware essentials. Also remember to check out MRP home, Banana Box, Kitengela Hot Glass and Carrefour for their kitchen and dining appliances.

The Interior Décor Designer” Mom

This mom constantly makes little improvements to her living space. She constantly leaves you in awe of how beautiful every room she lays her hands on looks.

Well try getting her a home essential gift that will go towards making her living space even more inviting.

For example, you could get her a variety of table runners or a mirror which is a versatile home décor piece, all from MRP Home. You can also get more alternatives from the following outlets:

  • for kitchen appliances and homeware items
  • Anisuma for your one stop electronics
  • Persian Gallery for Persian carpets
  • Pink Skink, Banana Box and Kitengela Hot Glass for house décor ornaments such as throw pillows

Now that you have an idea of what to get for that special mother or woman in your life, what will you be getting them from The Junction Mall? Remember to follow The Junction Mall on the following social media platforms so that you don’t miss out on all the offers we’ll be putting up this month.

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