Fun Indoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Children

Fun Indoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Children

With the closure of schools, you may be finding it challenging to keep your children occupied and actively engaged. It may also be a bit difficult to balance working from home and spending time with your children.

To help you out, we have put together a few ideas to ensure that even during this period of uncertainty you can keep your little ones happy and active.

In the morning, involve the kids in making breakfast with you. They’ll enjoy having a meal that they took part in preparing. Let them handle the whisk as you make scrambled eggs or a Spanish omelette. How about pancakes? Let them get all the ingredients from the pantry – flour, sugar, milk, and let them mix them in a bowl, cook them and voilà a fun and easy breakfast!  You must also remind them to help you clean up when they are done!

Children love to use all their five senses and will touch or smell anything they can get their hands on! This is a great time to show them how to tidy up their playroom and clean their rooms.

The afternoons are best saved for fun activities! Why don’t you have a family dance party a few hours after lunch to aid that digestion and hopefully get them tired enough for an afternoon nap? If dancing is not appealing, try Jigsaw puzzles or some board games. At Carrefour and Text Book Centre you can find games such as   Monopoly, Jenga and Guess Who? If these games are too mature for them you can grab some colouring and drawing books to nurture their creativity. What’s also great is that these can all be delivered right to your doorstep if you order them online! 

Alternatively, for those of you whose kids love video games, you can get them Gran Turismo racing game, Super Mario 3d World, or Dancing Game (Just Dance 2020). There are lots to choose from the Gamechanger store at The Junction Mall. All these games are suitable for children between 3 to 17 years old, meaning you can keep your household occupied from the toddler to the teenager while you enjoy your much needed ‘me’ time.

The late afternoon can also be a good time for the children to join you for a light body workout. Choose a workout that has easy routines for the young ones to follow and enjoy the energy and laughter that comes with it. You can also follow the Junction Mall Facebook page where a trainer from Smart Gyms will be coming on to do a Live workout session that you can all do together.

Since children may not be going out to play with their friends in the neighbourhood, why not turn the living room into a fun environment? You can try setting up indoor camps/tents using sheets and pillows in the evening. This is a fun way to enjoy a family-friendly movie or read story-books while snacking on some popcorn. Text Book Centre has a variety of Children’s and Teenage Series books that can be ordered online and delivered to you for free. If the camping arrangement is comfortable and safe you can also be a bit lenient and let the kids enjoy a “camping’” sleepover in their self-made tent.

How about a dress-up party where everyone in the family can dress up as different animation/movie characters? Iron Man, Star Wars, PJ Masks, Sophia The First, Frozen are all movie characters that your young ones know pretty well and this would make up an unforgettable and memorable experience. You can also improvise the costumes or grab one from the Junction Mall’s Party Depot store.

You are spoilt for choice with ideas! We hope that you and your kids find these activities exciting and fun and hope you create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Please share the fun activities you end up doing. Share photos and tag us on @thejunctionmallkenya on Facebook and Twitter.

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