Home and Decor : Coffee table styling tips

Home and Decor : Coffee table styling tips

Home and Decor : Coffee table styling tips

A coffee table is the most versatile piece in a living room. While it is mostly utilized as a foot- rest, to place TV remotes and gadgets, set up tea, and for board games, a coffee table can be used to create a unique ambiance to any space.

We understand that it can be challenging to style a coffee table, and that’s why we teamed up with Inzu Furnishings, a home décor store at The Junction Mall, to share a host of styling ideas.


When choosing ornaments to place on the coffee table, look at the pieces from all angles. For example, a picture frame will not look good from all angles.

In order to create a balance, divide the décor items into threes and place them separately on the table. However, it is neater to set the décor items in the middle of the table.


The best thing about decorating a coffee table is that you can play around with so many pieces to come up with amazing styles. Décor pieces can be smooth, curvy, shiny, matte floral and decorative. The best way to work around these items is to mix them up. For example a smooth piece with one rough texture, or a shiny one with a matte piece. This adds a tone of interest to your coffee table.
A Tray corals everything together. It is well structured, making it a perfect piece in determining whether things match or not. It is best used for displaying knick – knacks.
When decorating a two-tier coffee table, the lower side should be simple to not take away interest from the top deck. Ensure you maintain a similar style on both decks. TWO - TIER COFFEE TABLE
A coffee table should not be a destructive element of décor. It should be in sync with other elements in the living room. If you have a theme for your space, for example, modern, eclectic or contemporary, your coffee table should be guided by this. INSPIRATION
To create an interesting coffee table, vary the heights of the décor elements. Ensure at least one piece stands out. However, the height should not take away the functionality of a coffee table. For example, when you have guest, the coffee table shouldn’t be obstructive, particularly if your guests are seated opposite each other.
When the surface area of the coffee table is large, keep the décor items on one side so that the table does not look cluttered. When working with a standard size coffee table, place the items at the center.