Some of our fondest memories are made when we gather around the dining table, over a delicious meal while surrounded by family or friends. However, with the hustle and bustle of life nowadays, more and more people are opting to relocate to the TV room during dinner time, causing you to lose out on important family/friends bonding time, where you share happy stories and make everlasting memories.

So, we decided to serve up some quick tips on how to spruce up your dining room to make it as exciting and inviting as possible:

Statement Lighting

Let’s start from the top. There are a lot of options to go with here; including pendant lighting, linear suspensions and chandeliers.

A quick tip when choosing the right light fixture is to pick one that relates to the dining room table in terms of shape and style. For example, round fixtures like chandeliers are perfect for round tables, whereas a linear fixture will be impeccable over a rectangular table. A more easy option is multiple pendants either grouped together for circular tables or in a row for rectangular tables.

Finally when it comes to hanging your light fixtures, designers recommend at least 80cms height above the surface of the table to ensure that the light is in sync with your overall dining room look.

Wall Decor

There are a variety styles that you can go with when choosing your wall decor. If you are short on art, you can choose a variety of mirrors for your walls instead. The mirrors here will bounce light around a small dining room and give the room a warm bright feel.

Another easy option for your wall décor is to display family photos in a grid of matching frames. Don’t forget to check our blog on “6 Creative Steps To Creating Your Home Gallery Wallto get more tips on how put together your wall gallery.

If going for a more minimalistic wall décor, then go for a larger-than-life art piece on the largest wall of your dining room. Remember to hang all your wall decor at eye level to enable your guests enjoy the sight while sitting.

Dining Table Décor

The easiest way to spruce up your dining table based on your mood is to keep an assortment of colourful table runners to add a pop of colour instantly whenever you feel like it.

As the dining table is the focal point of this room, here are a number of suggestions to keep in mind when playing around with the table’s décor:

  • Decorate with fruit: Use fresh fruit to add colour to the dining table. Put apples, oranges, lemons and any other fruits you like in transparent glass bowls, turning them into the centrepiece for the dining table.
  • Add some plants: Another lovely idea is to use fresh plants to decorate the dining table. Remember these shouldn’t be too big or they’ll occupy a lot of space on the table plus they’ll obstruct the views. For a more simple idea, you can for example, use a simple wooden planter to bring colour into the room.
  • Vases as a centrepiece: A vase of flowers is always a good option. The vase itself can be the focal point and the flowers can be simple and monochrome. Or you can play with shapes and colours and create an eye-catching flower arrangement. It’s also possible to skip the flowers and to only use vases. Group them up and combine various shapes, sizes and colours to create a really interesting display.
  • Candles: Candles have gained a lot of popularity over the years as both a piece of décor and radiating sweet scents into our living spaces. Try some pillar candles as they are very versatile and long-lasting.
  • Sometimes the table itself is interesting enough and doesn’t need anything else to look beautiful. To highlight the table, you can surround it with minimalist dining chairs and display a beautiful lighting fixture above it.

Remember you don’t need a special occasion to decorate the dining table and make it look beautiful. We hope that with our tips and ideas shared above, will you will have a variety of ways in which you can make the dining table look beautiful. Check out the following stores at The Junction Mall for wall décor, light fixtures, and table accessories: MRP Home, Carrefour, Kitengela Glass, Pink Skink, Banana Box, and Vituzote.

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