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Masai Market Performances
*_FOUNDATION OF HOPE DANCE GROUP_* is performing this Thursday at the Junction M3 .The group will perform following dances;
1. _ORUTU DANCE_- From Luo community,  performed by both men and women in happy occassions such as weddings.
2. _KALAPAPLA_-  vigorous creative dance performed by energetic men and women.Performed in any occassions.
3. _NGOMA ZA KENYA_-dance performed to praise and celebrate rich heritage of Kenya.
4. _BAGANDA DANCE_- from Baganda community of Uganda. Performed by women to entertain the King and in happy occassions.
5. _BORANA DANCE_- from Boran community , also known as  _bule shumala_ .Performed by both male and female in happy occassions.
6. _CHELA DANCE_  – from Mijikenda community of Coastal.Performed by both men and women.
June 4, 2019
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