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Persian Gallery
TEL: 0722 520 636 EMAIL: : persianoriental@yahoo.com Website: www.palacinainteriors.com A story is told of carpets’ humble beginnings among the nomadic tribes that wandered the great expanse of Persia in search of their livelihood. But out of necessity, art was born. The history of Persian carpets dates back to 500 B.C. and charts a world that traces the ancient civilisations and the cultural histories of the silk route and the traditions thereafter. The bright colours and hand-woven magical designs that are found in our shop are the writings of illiterate tribesmen that spoke the language of kings and noblemen and came to be the measure of empires. These closely guarded ancient scripts of weaving have been handed down through generations, from fathers to their sons. The same is true of the Persian Carpet Gallery located on the ground floor of The Junction. It is a woven history of tradition passed down through generations, from a father to his son.
November 13, 2017
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